…Back in the good old days..

Here we have it in all it’s glory: The mighty Roland Space Echo RE 201.

I got one of these about 10 years ago (actually it’s bigger brother the Space Echo RE 301). It was sitting in the back of a music shop, staring at me with its beaming knobs, ins and outs… and the best thing was, i could have it for next to nothing. It was in mint condition and as soon as i took it for a spin in my home studio, I was sold.

Through the years i have used it on almost every single track i have worked with – sometimes as a normal delay, but mostly I have been using it as an instrument in it’s own right. Turn the feedback up and fiddle around with the delay time, and you can actually play this thing – you’ll get long,endless but everchanging drones that take you to outer space and beyond! I have always been a huge fan of that oscillating sound it makes – and stay tuned – i plan on sampling it at varying pitches and importing the recordings in a VST sampler – ready to play – then you’ll actually be able to do chord progressions and filter this baby!

Stay tuned!!

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