Do we really need 24bit/44.1khz? Take the test!

It really is kind of ironic, but the current trend seems to be “MORE”, but with that “MORE” comes “LOW QUALITY”.

The past 10 years have allowed us to enjoy much more music, much faster and alot easier.¬†Proportionally to that, although sadly in a negative way, the music quality has been going down like a sinking ship. -i’m not talking about aesthetics here, only the technical aspect of music/sound. Even the way we use music has changed – We “consume” music in a much more fast way – often people buy single songs, and not whole albums, because of the low price of a single and it’s availability on virtual stores like Itunes. ¬†Come to think of it, 90% percent of the time I listen to music (non-work related), I’m using my iPhone’s headphones – not exactly know for its audiophile qualities. And even more scary, they have become sort of a reference headphone for me. Whenever i do little mix projects for friends in my home studio, I often use the iPhone’s headphones to do the rough mix, because i have gotten to know them so well, I then later move on to my Adam speakers and other headphones, but I always end up checking the mix again on my little white Apple headphones… Are we slowly degenerating sound wise, because of convenience and ¬†technology? Or is it finally dawning on us that we don’t need HiDef audio, because it’s another version of “The emperors new clothes”?

Can you tell the difference? Go ahead and take the test at!


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